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Ceiling, Wall or Floor, Fast And Effective Soundproofing.

We offer three ceiling soundproofing systems for ceilings that will restore peace and quiet to your home.

To make selecting wall soundproofing easy we provide a series of wall soundproofing solutions.

Our floor soundproofing solutions target impact and airborne noise pollution problems.

Wall soundproofing is the most common soundproofing carried out in the UK. Our sound insulating solutions range from fast effective stick on solutions to studio quality secondary walls. Noisy neighbour problems can range from, the simple to resolve, high frequency cry of a new born baby right up to music being played at all hours. Sound insulation of a poorly performing party wall can be much more straightforward and effective than people think.

Our slimmest wall solutions start at just 27mm, however our most popular noise proof wall is a heavy acoustic mat stuck to the existing party wall and this comes in at 45mm thick. For those looking at even more robust solutions we specialise in independent walls using the latest acoustic technologies and featuring the GenieClip.

When it comes to soundproofing your floor for noise, it is important to establish what you are trying to achieve . Are you trying to stop noise from below reaching you, or are you trying to eradicate your impact noise passing down to your neighbours?

In practice, most people are aiming at stopping the sounds from below traveling upwards. Many products on the market boast great soundproofing credentials (particularly rubber mat or underlay solutions) but the figures quoted are almost always referring to a reduction in impact sound and are of very little use in identifying how much airborne sound is being reduced.

Ceiling soundproofing often appears a daunting task. However, rest assured you can soundproof a ceiling with little mess and disruption in your life. In addition, the cost of soundproofing a ceiling might be less than you think. Our simple guide below will help you navigate through to the right ceiling sound proofing solution for you. Our solutions can lose as little as just 25mm of ceiling height.

Ceiling soundproofing is often the only option available to people living below noisy neighbours. We offer 4 soundproofing solutions which vary in terms of performance, particularly with reference to the impact sound (footfall) which you are receiving from above.

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